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One-pager e-commerce for designers, startups & crowdfunding projects in particular.

One-page commerce for crowdfunding projects

A phone, computer and tablet running Fatsell

Order managment

Edit, charge, annotate and ship orders when you want them. Filter orders by customer, products, country, etc.

Chat with customers

Reply to comments on orders made by customers requesting changes. Give them discounts to keep them aboard.

Upsell to backers

Notify Kickstarter backers that their reward is tracked on Fatsell, and let them add more to it!

Quit using Excel to manage Kickstarter rewards

Import the data into Fatsell, so you can manage which backers you rewarded through a beautiful interface that supports filtering, annotation and shipping integrations.

Make your one-pager really sell

Use tried and tested marketing templates, crafted to efficiently communicate your value proposition.

Edit content using a slick block editor that can embed Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter and more.

Straightforward checkout
works like gravity

Get a third of purchasers to buy 2 or more variatons using the right layout and checkout flow. You could enjoy up to 20% conversion of visitors coming from your Kickstarter page!

No up-front cost, no hidden fees

We charge a 5% + 30¢ fee for every sale, so we only make money when you do. That means you're free to play around, and you can count on our support if you get stuck.